We are convinced that you’re going to enjoy your NiteScapes Outdoor Lighting System all year round, but it is essential to maintain the system yearly. We at NiteScapes believe it is absolutely important to ensure proper functionality and aesthetics, so we created a yearly maintenance service agreement to ensure the consistent, dazzling performance of your system.

The all-inclusive PRO Maintenance Program includes:

  • Replacement of lamps in each fixture & lamp replacement anytime during the next year.
  • Obtrusive Vegetation Trimming
  • Minor Fixture Adjustments
  • Voltage and Amperage Testing
  • Lens Cleaning and Treatment
  • Timer Control/Photocell Testing*
  • Lamp Socket/Connection Lubrication
  • Weatherproof Corrosion Sealant-Contacts
  • Ultraviolet Protective Coating-Fixtures
  • Expansion Recommendations

*Additional charges will apply if a replacement fixture is required

If you choose NOT to participate in the PRO Maintenance Program, we would still be glad to service your system on an as needed basis. Whenever you need service on your lighting system just call our office to schedule one of our service technicians to come to your home or business to make the necessary repairs. Service hours plus materials will be charged for the services performed. If you replace bulbs yourself, it is essential that you maintain proper type and wattage lamps! NiteScapes LLC cannot warranty service work caused by customer added lights or replacement of lamps with improper type or size.

Pick up the phone today and call 937-335-NITE to schedule your PRO Maintenance Program.

We also offer Pro Maintenance for LED systems, recommended yearly. Please contact us for more details.