What makes the NiteScapes installation process different from other installers?

We place buried run wires in approved electrical conduit 6 inches underground when leaving the house foundation to connect a fixture in a bed zone. This will prevent a cut wire in any future plant and shrub changes.

Some installers do not do this.

We bury run wires along the building’s foundation and to the fixture at 6 inches deep. We also use approved silicone gel filled cap nuts with wire ties at each connection for a waterproof, secure, and long term connection. It is a critical part of any install.

Some installers lay the wire on top of the ground and cover it with mulch, use incorrect connectors, and add tape. These are the results.

We meet you at your home or business to discuss your needs, which results in a design and estimate of a high quality landscape lighting system. We will offer you a professional design, affordable estimate, and an expert install with a long term warranty.